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2008 LancasterProspers REVISITED Final Report (PDF):

"Leading with Vision:  Successes, Challenges & A Plan for Moving Forward"

2004 LancasterProspers Final Plan (PDF)

LancasterProspers is an effort, sponsored by the Economic Development Company of Lancaster County and EDC Finance Corporation (collectively "EDC"), to pursue the creation of a County-wide economic development strategy that attempts to aim the many participants in the economic and community development arena toward some set of common goals. EDC's own Strategic Planning Steering Committee spent much of 2002 reviewing economic development efforts throughout Lancaster County, and what we learned was that economic and community development in Lancaster County have become fragmented as more and more organizations have ventured into the field.

EDC decided that during 2003, it would help to explore how the many local entities involved in economic development (from schools to boroughs to lending groups. . .) could better coordinate their efforts toward a set of common, County-wide economic development goals. The Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness at George Mason University was hired to facilitate this effort-helping to focus community and economic development thinking toward the key issues that must be addressed as a community. LancasterProspers will require the better part of 2003 to accomplish and years beyond that to fully implement. Long-term, the community will be stronger for having a common vision of its economic future.


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Revisited Report May 28, 2008
Final Plan January 1, 2004
Priority Strategic Issues October 22, 2003
Briefing Paper August 19, 2003

Contacts at EDC

David K. Nikoloff, President -
John W. Biemiller, Vice President -
Annette E. Bart, Program Analyst -

Jean K. Rehrig, Office & Systems Director -

Contacts at the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness

Kenneth E. Poole, president & CEO -
Erik R. Pages, Entreworks -


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