The Lancaster Escort agency that did not prosper

It has been well documented of the notorious Lancaster escort agency that has recently been shut down. For legal reasons we are not allowed to name and shame whilst court cases and further investigations take place. However, it is well known within the Lancaster escort industry.  

So here we have an escort agency in Lancaster who claims that they made no money off their girls and did not prosper financially. Do we believe them or have the authorities got it wrong? Were these the only Lancaster escort agencies who promoted and advertised their girls at no cost. At this moment, no money from financial gain has been found. No cash has been found within the Lancaster incall premises. Presuming their claims are true, then why would a Lancaster adult business not prosper?  

According to the owners, they had a sympathetic approach to the girls that worked with them. They were a retired couple, but the wife was an ex working girl. She claims that she saw the way in which escorts were treated by escort agencies in Lancaster and wanted to help the girls. Therefore, being open 12 hours, every day and providing the escorts with Lancaster incalls and outcalls. So, Lancaster escorts could prosper! She claims she prospered psychologically. Knowing that she was helping other girls whose position she was once in.  

The twist comes because of one escort in Lancaster. She claims that the owners took all of her money. She could not prosper in life because she had no funds to do so. Despite working as an escort full time. Since the claim, other girls have come forward to state the same. They state that adult companion business took the money in bank transfers, but the money was never passed onto the girls. But the owners state that the cash was paid directly to the girls by the clients. At this moment, there is no proof that money was paid into any banks that were owned by the owners of the agency.  

So, who actually prospered from the escort’s income? Was it the owners or the Lancaster escort-girls? This is the mystery! Close sources say that the girls are lying and being devious. That they have an ulterior motive to close down the agency and take over. Until this comes to a conclusion with proof, nobody knows who to believe.